A small meet with the Horse Family

Every Sunday is special, and I think is special for all of us who have a full-time long hours jobs. So Sunday is the day to spend time with the family and of course if its possible to have some time with your hobby or passion. If you can combine those two then is perfect.


We were ready to take a small tour around Heraklion when with my side of my eye I saw the horses.

Immediately I stopped the car and we run into the field, the young one was really not afraid and ready for some games (my kids were more afraid that him),  but the mother was looking very skeptical, checking us all the time. We had some nice time checking them and adore them I could say. Horses are proud animals, they are strong, brave, faithful to the owner

Horse mother

I made some nice images even if was really harsh light, still, they look great





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