Elafonisi beach …

It lies on the southwestern side of Crete and about 75 kilometres from the town of Chania and 210 kilometres of the city of Heraklion. I have visited this place in April just before the tourist season starts with my family. It was a planned trip so I rent a Fiat Camper so we could spend a couple of days there.


Just a small break on the way to Elafonisi


It’s almost 3,5 hours drive!!!

The place is magic if you visit Crete is a must go destination even if you stay on the other side of the island. It took us 3,5 hours to arrive from Heraklion I know it’s a little far,
from Heraklion it’s about 210 kilometres. While the summer is a very popular place, it has beautiful blue and turquoise crystal clear waters. We found very easy a place to park the camper as a result of the of season visiting.

First of all, I have to say that I realised that time only, how much technology and WiFi are involved in our lives. It was the first time that we didn’t have a WiFi, a TV, a Satelite TV just a radio. I felt strange I admitted; as a result, I had more time to spent with my family and of course photography. I was more relaxing, the only thing to worry was the weather.

The sand has a pink colour, which is a result of tiny red organisms that grow on the dead coral reefs and pieces of shells which fall into the ocean and then is washed out to the shore.

It’s a perfect place for relaxing and of course photography. Enjoy the following images

[google_maps id=”26404″]

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