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Photography of Nikos Vlasiadis

logo_small_bleuMy work explores the beauty of nature through my eyes, I feel so proud that I can be present that moment when the photo is taken. Through the photography, I express my affections for the areas I visit and the miracles of nature that I experience along the way.

‘Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes that see reality’ N.Kazantzakis

This is the world through my eyes.



Long Exposure Gallery

A unique style of photography combined with the island of Crete you cannot go wrong. Enjoy a selection of long exposure photographs with a dreamy look. 


Crete has a coastline of 1046 km (650 mi) with incredible seascapes.


Crete is the land of Caves, there are 3000 caves and only the 850 have been explored.


logo_bleu_50pxSo what this website is about? What is the mission of the project? Many questions and I will try to answer them here. I am living on an island with a great history but also a great scenery. Seascapes, waterfalls, geological formations, lakes, woods, gorges, caves, plateaus, archeological monuments, cavernous chapels, etc. Many have said that Crete have everything, and it’s true. Crete simply has it all! Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. I love to explore and to discover the breathtaking beauty that this place offers. Crete is seriously a travel photographer’ s paradise.


My mission is to show and share with everyone out there that Crete is not only a 4 – 5 star all inclusive tourist destination only for the summer months. My Mission is to remove you from tourist-rammed “all inclusive packages” and get you to unknown, secluded spots to get the best pictures you have ever taken. I hope my photography inspires you to visit this wonderful island!


ISLAND SIZE:  8,336 sq. km

POPULATION (2011): 620,000

CAPITAL: Heraklion




The History of Crete goes back to the 7th millennium BC, preceding the ancient Minoan civilisation by more than four millennia. The Minoan civilisation was the first in Europe and the first, in Europe, to build a palace. After the Minoan civilisation was devastated by the Thera eruption, Crete developed an Ancient Greece-influenced organisation of city-states, then successively became part of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Ottoman Empire, autonomous state, and the modern state of Greece.

The Crete history is long and marked by many historical periods. According to Greek mythology, the first queen of Crete was Europa. Later on, Crete Island became the land of King Minos. The legend is that the king refused to sacrifice a bull to the gods and Poseidon punished him by making his wife fall in love with a bull. From this union, the Minotaur was born and hid in a labyrinth.


A slide show with images around Crete

Being busy the last days, busy at work, busy at home with some constructions plus renovation, and the list goes on ... I managed to find some time to create for some images around Crete that I really like. An incredible place all year around. I hope you enjoy:...

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Zeelandbrug, the longest bridge in the Netherlands

The Zeeland Bridge or Zeelandbrug is the longest bridge in the Netherlands. Many photographers have photographed this impressive bridge. The bridge is 5km long. I used the long exposure technique with a 13 stop filter that means 427 seconds or 7 minutes of capturing...

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A visit to Milatos Cave

A visit to Milatos Cave, an easy cave to visit while on Crete Last Sunday we didn't have a lot of time so I decide to visit the Milatos Cave together with the kids (actually they are great explorers). Milatos Cave is an easy cave to visit. It's not as big as the Cave...

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